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Online training system E-Learning

OpenLearning is based on the open source system, inherited, fully integrated features of the development community. OpenLearning products are developed based on practical requirements in order to fit the environment of educational development in Vietnam


The highlight of OpenLearning is the education-oriented design for people in the field of education. OpenLearning is essentially a software package designed to help educators create quality online courses.

Online learning systems are sometimes referred to as learning management systems (LMS), course management systems (CMS), virtual learning environments (VLE), computer-based learning (CMC), or simply online education

Salient features
Cost saving: Create learning conditions for everyone, share learning resources, lectures, textbooks, save on preparation of lectures, textbooks. Modeling lectures, visual. High economic efficiency in terms of quantity, facilities, transportation;
Self-direction: Learners can self-direct, by choosing the most appropriate course for their level, interests, goals;
Self-regulation: Students can choose from self-paced online tutorials or self-paced courses, self-adjusting learning pace and ability to improve. knowledge through online libraries;
Optimal: Transparent content. Organizations can offer a wide range of courses, courses and levels of study that make it easy for them to choose;
Systematization: E-Leaning is easy to create and allow students to attend, easy to follow

Other products

Assets management system

The eAMS Fixed Asset Management software allows agencies / units to use to manage fixed assets at the agency / unit. eAMS allows management of asset usage history.

File management system - eFile

Enables organizations to create a centralized, unified document management environment that makes it easy for users to perform tasks related to the life cycle of a document.

EGovPortal portal solution

EGovPortal portal solution