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Investment management system

Help improve the efficiency of investment project management; To step by step develop the data linkage and exchanging information on the profession and operation of the investment projects of the provincial / municipal Planning and Investment Services

Province/city investment management software help to promote the effects in management task of investment project, develop the database connection, exchange the information of professional knowledge and manage the investment project of Plan and Investment Department with other Department, investors which is granted within the jurisdiction of investment project management
Investment management sofeware allow the Plan and Investment Department to manage the projects which are carried out in provinces, and is important clue for units in solutions/problem solving
Guarantee/Insure the comprehension, unify, saves, efficient and set up a shared database of investment finance to support information immediately of investment projects ( from the beginning of investment, conducting, to the end) to serve the management task in locals
The sofeware support to provide with concerned information and view, interview the CSDL (database) system of investment application on internet
The system will be deployed to the following units:
  • The departments in plan of “Authority for planning and investment”
  • Project Appraisal Departments
  • Department of Finance and planning and investment department in district
  • Project Investor


  • Enterprises, the investors
  • The Policy-makers and decision-maker in State management agencies of Vietnam

Feature Highlights

  • Investment management system must contain the whole information contents of the province, be  homogeneous regarding contents, statistics and data format of all levels in the system
  • The software allows the related departments update information into system
  • The software provides the following features: register plan, prepare investment, manage investment, search information...
  • Providing higher-quality information faster and more efficiently
  • Classify report content by existed templates
  • To filter by project information, investors, code number of project and other related information
  • Inheritance information from existed the ministry of finance applications


  • Authority for planning and investment of provinces or cities


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