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"One gate system – online public service” HiGate solution

HiGate allows agencies, organizations and administrative units to deploy public services, procedures and services to the Internet. Ensure that units can deploy public services at 04 levels from level 1 to level 4.

HiGate solution allows the companies, organizations and administrative units to make their services online

HiGate solution allows the companies, organizations and administrative units to make their services online. HiGate solution ensures that the customer can implement their public services on 4 levels.
  • Level 1: ensure to provide enough information about workflow, documents, service cost…
  • Level 2: The online public service which meet Level 1 requirements, allow end-user downloads document template to finish Briefing Document. The briefing document will be sent directly by post to department provide service.
  • Level 3: the public service level 3 is level 2 and add more extend features to allow user finish briefing document and sent it online. All of services are provided on internet, without fee payment and receive result.
  • Level 4: All of services are provided on internet.
 Feature Highlights
  • The system was implemented based on the portal solution, so it is easy to integrate with the web portal.
  • The system has powerful CMS
  • Allow to manage system administrator account and end-user.
  • It’s easy to create, update the public services
  • Allow to manage all of public services which has 3-4 levels, as:
    • Brief document registation
    • Processing brief
    • Manage brief status
    • Online payment
  • Support powerful search engine
  • Support statistics report
  • High Security
  • The Ministries, General Administration, departments of national
  • People's Committees of provinces / cities; District; Wards
  • The departments of province/ city

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