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Enterprise database management systems

Through the software system, the management mechanism of the province always has full and accurate data on the enterprises in the province so that they can have the supportive effect by issuing the mechanism. , policies and solutions for enterprise develo

Enterprise database management systems

The enterprise database management software is unified across the province. The database is linked to enterprise database systems at related units throughout the province and provides a ready-to-integrate mechanism with the National Business Registration System Planning and Investment for DPI.
Supporting features to allow the management of enterprise information after registration and issuance of business registration certificates to business households and cooperatives.
Establishing the Business Portal to support the provision of relevant information and displaying, querying enterprise database system applications on the internet environment.
Software used will be deployed to the following units:
Functional departments in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Planning and Investment
Specialized agencies, People's Committees of districts and towns
District Business Registration Offices
Tax authorities, public security organs, the Coalition of Cooperatives and specialized agencies
Organizations, enterprises, business households, cooperatives
Salient features
Enterprise database management software is the place to gather all information content about the enterprise. Agree on the content, data and format of data between levels in the system;
Assist the Department of Planning and Investment in successfully building a corporate database management system for the whole province;
To set up a cooperative or household registration system and synchronously database on the enterprise portal;
To improve the investment and business environment, strengthen the state management of enterprises through the application of information technology to state management, ensuring the supply of information to enterprises and houses. timely investment;
To meet the information demand of enterprises inside and outside the province so that enterprises can access information and raise investment opportunities and business cooperation;
People and businesses enter the enterprise portal for information and search partners;
Reduce the cost of administrative transactions by providing, receiving and processing information through the network environment.
Customer use
Department of Planning & Investment of provinces / cities

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