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Emulation and Reward Management system

The system allows the agencies management of state that executes the computerization of the administration of emulation and commendation at the agency.

Emulation and Reward Management system

This software helps the professional activities of emulation and commendation, includes:
Activities of emulation

  • To organize the emulation movements (launched, register emulation and implement).
  • To organize the examination and supervision.
  • To synthesize and evaluate the results of the emulation movements (summation, grading, commenting emulation).

The Reward activities

  • Considering the rewards User Profile (report of emulation final, score emulation and commendation proposal)
  • Report of reward achievement

Feature Highlights

  • Manage reward decisions and details to the object is rewarded; monitor the reward process of personal, team to provide a basis reward collective to approval at a higher level
  • Completely Comply with the Law of Emulation - Commendation and the relevant legal provisions;
  • The software allows the dynamic configuration of the conditions for approval and the form, the required form to complete the User profile for approval with each trophy;
  • Helping to extracting quickly reporting, reduce the burden during the process of storage and consultation documents.


  • State management agencies of Vietnam, the departments use government budget
  • The business units with revenues

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