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Assets management system

The eAMS Fixed Asset Management software allows agencies / units to use to manage fixed assets at the agency / unit. eAMS allows management of asset usage history.

EAMS allows agencies / units that use to manage Fixed of assets at agencies / units. eAMS allows to manage the using of assets history.

Software allows to management rotation, up and down, serving to an annual procurement plan.
Feature Highlights

  • Helping Agencies / units management assets about the number and detail value to each employees and each using departments....
  • Subscribing to the fluctuations of assets (increase / decrease the value, major repairs, rotation ...), the management of depreciation and allocation tools and supplies, mounting more and assets liquidation
  • eAMS was designed logic, science, ensuring the integrity of the data
  • The software was designed simple, friendly program, easy to use, easy to understand, easy to use,that should be consistent with the basic computer skills of the professionals in charge of agencies and units.
  • Completely Comply with the management process and the current legislation about the assets management of state
  • Using the technology platform modern, advanced to response the entire demand for asset management and data extraction of the agency / unit.


  • State management agencies of Vietnam
  • The business units with revenues


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