HiNET's Products improve the development of e-Government

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Operational and Executive Management system - eGovOffice

This software has enough features to meets the business processes and workflows of customers

Document management system - SmartDMS

This software improves personal skills in using information technology applications

Staff Management System - OpenStaff

The main purpose of Staff Management System is to reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of Employees

The web portal – OpenPortal

OpenPortal is the core solution to rebuild all of online services and intergrate with the web portal. Some of features in the portal as: online services, communicate with online user, and businesses


We've been working closely with customers to research and develop the best solutions

Smart Parking solution

The system includes : normal camera , digital camera number recognition, computers, management park system.

Video conferencing solution

Video conferencing solution

Security camera solution

Security camera solution allow administrator to remote monitor via Internet. The system stores all of images and videos to help...

The software solutions based on customer requirements

Hinet has experience building and developing management application systems for the state government agencies


Ensuring the Quality, Credibility, and Relevance of HiNet's services

Consult and implemente the information system

HiNet provide Consult and implemente the information system

Training resources in information technology

HiNet provide nformation technology to training for businesses, agencies and organizations


Hinet JSC is an information technology company with two main business areas, which are software development and technology solutions consulting about e-commerce, e-government and enterprise management.

The company slogan is “Trust to Success”. “Honor, Responsibility and Trust” is guildeline for HiNet

HiNet’s products have been widely used in Ministries, people’s committees, enterprises of VietNam and have been receving good feedback from our customers.